Ingel Naturally Fermented Plum-Cardamom Soda 275ml (12 bottles)

We believe that soda can be natural and at the same time rich and full of flavors instead of dull, unhealthy sugary drink. Soda can be equal beverage to quality beer, cider and wine or just a tasty and healthy refresher at any age. And that is the reason we created Ingel Sodas.

Ingel Sodas are special and unique because they are made by natural fermentation. Fermentation is a process where billions of friendly lactic acid bacteria turn sugars into substances that are kind to our body and give nice acidity to drinks. Ingel Sodas have been developed in collaboration with Estonian scientists.
Ingel Sodas do NOT contain added sugar or sweeteners, artificial colouring and flavors or preservatives!

Plum-Cardamon Soda is bursting with flavour. It`s warming nature, that comes from plum and cardamon duo, makes this soda perfect for colder months to enjoy!

Color: Deep purple
Appearance: Soda with plum flesh. Unfiltered
Aroma: clean and fresh. Ripe plum accompanied by hint of sweet spice - cardamom. Can`t help but to think of Christmas.
Taste: hearty and lush, Dominated by ripe plum but zesty acidity keeps the flavor fresh and aftertaste long and crispy
Serve chilled!

Awards:  Best Estonian Drink 2021 Winner in Best Soda category.

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